22 May 2024
Parks and gardens in Berlin

Berlin is green! There are many parks and gardens where you can sit back and relax in Berlin.
Distance from hotel: 1.2 km
Berlin's 34-hectare zoo (Zoologischer Garten) houses some 14,000 animals. Along with the aquarium, it is an extremely popular excursion destination, with 1,552 different species on view. » More

Distance from hotel: 1.8 km
The Tiergarten is Berlin's "green lung" and is located between Brandenburg Gate and Zoo station. Friedrich III had the park designed in the late 17th century as a "pleasure park for the populace". » More

Distance from hotel: 3.2 km
Tempelhofer Feld is the former airfield of Tempelhof Airport, which was opened to the public in May 2012 after the airport was decommissioned. » More

Distance from hotel: 4.3 km
The Charlottenburg Palace Garden was laid out in 1697, when the original palace was built. It is one of the oldest parks in Berlin and Potsdam and one of the first Baroque gardens designed according to French examples in Germany. » More

Distance from hotel: 5.2 km
With its 22,000 plant species, the Botanical Garden in Berlin's Dahlem district is one of the largest, most species-rich gardens in the world. Some 43 hectares of space will enchant you with the splendour of the different plant species. » More

Distance from hotel: 12.5 km
With its approx. 160 hectares of area, this zoo is one of the largest in Europe. It consists of large open-air enclosures and several animal houses and is home to some 8,700 animals. » More

Distance from hotel: 16.3 km
The Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island) houses a fairy-tale castle, amazing nature and free-range animals. Queen Luise and her family could enjoy relaxing stays and enjoy the landscape here 200 years ago. » More

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