29 May 2022
Public transportation

Berlin is subject to the fare scale of the Berlin-Brandenburg Transport Authority (VBB). A VBB ticket lets you ride all modes of transport operated by the various transport companies in Berlin and Brandenburg.


The Berlin fare area is divided into the sub-areas A, B, and C:

  • Sub-area Berlin A: Central Berlin up to and including the S-Bahn (suburban rail) ring
  • Sub-area Berlin B: outside the S-Bahn ring to the city limits
  • Sub-area Berlin C: Berlin surroundings (approx. 15 km from the city limits), including Potsdam
Overview of BVG fares, along with other offers for a convenient, inexpensive holiday in Berlin:
Daily best rates
 Single Double
29.05. Sun.  sold out    sold out
30.05. Mon.  sold out    sold out
31.05. Tue.  sold out    sold out
01.06. Wed.  sold out    sold out
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